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Aaron Alexander


Hey man, my name is Aaron Alexander and I have completely transformed the lives of thousands of men around the world. Men who have taken my programs have been able to get the girlfriends they want, hookup with the girls they want, and in some cases, even marry the woman of their dreams. 

Not only that but I personally, have completely transformed my own dating life by going from a fat awkward goofy class clown kid that couldn’t get laid… to now sleeping with hundreds of gorgeous girls and having every type of romantic relationship I’ve ever wanted.

By the time I got to highschool, I was insatiably horny. I wanted to hook up with hot chicks or at least get a girlfriend. A lot of my friends actually started dating girls, making out with them at parties, and even hooking up when we were all 13. I felt SO left out. I had so many crushes on so many girls at my school and even in my neighborhood and time after time again I would say my friends or guys I knew hooking up with those same girls. MY GIRLS (or at least that’s how I felt)

I would see these girls I wanted SO badly dating guys that I thought were complete LOSERS and I would thing to myself “what the fuck is she doing? Doesn’t she know how well I would treat her? Doesn’t she know how nice I would be to her if I was her boyfriend? Why does every girl I like choose somebody else?”

I never would even tell girls that I liked them more than a friend because I was terrified of rejection. Then when I would finally get the courage to tell them and I would get rejected, it would absolutely devastate me. This continued all the way through high school and long after. After highschool I became a full blow degenerate alcoholic and I went from always being kind of chubby to now being extremely obese with terrible acne. My whole life was in shambles. I was going to community college so I wouldn’t feel like a loser and just getting wasted constantly.

Yes, this was really me. 22. 290lbs. Tons of acne. Zero Confidence. In my basement.

I was completely lost in life and ended up going through severe bouts of anxiety and depression which I then would treat with alcohol, thus making it all so much worse. 

I genuinely just had given up on women. I lost my virginity to a girl I was NOT attracted to just before my 20th birthday. I had reached a point where I basically just thought to myself “well, I guess I’m just gonna be the guy who hooks up with a fat girl every once in a while and then hopefully when I’m older I’ll be able to convince one to marry me.”

Completely hopeless.

I was now 22 years old, I was 290lbs still drinking non stop, smoking cigarettes in my basement. Riddled with depression, extremely anxious, and genuinely waking up in the middle of night panicking wondering “where the hell is my life going?”

then came my life transforming shift

My buddy Sam, who’s still one of my best friends to this day, always used to try to motivate me and help me to get out of the rut I found myself in. He sent me a YouTube video that was all about how to get out of depression. I watched the video and I noticed that in the video, the guy who was talking kept casually mentioning “when I’m out at the bars picking up girls” or “now that I’ve learned how to date beautiful women” so I got curious and wanted to see his other videos…. 

BOOM! I discovered that you could actually LEARN to get women. I could LEARN to go out and get the one thing I desired the most. 

I was instantly HOOKED and I started going out the next day and it was ROUGH. Truly I had barely any guidance as to what to do so I had to start developing my own systems.

I caught glimpses from time to time into what COULD BE. I would maybe at least hold a conversation with a girl. I would possible even make a GORGEOUS girl laugh. A girl that I would have never even had the courage to talk to previously. I went out CONSTANTLY. Sometimes even getting phone numbers and then eventually, a couple dates.

I completely dedicated my entire life to getting good at game.

All I ever wanted to do was game, talk about game, and go on dates with new chicks. It consumed my life and after years of trial and error, getting broken and beaten down, I finally started to get really really good and everybody around me noticed.

One day a kid from my area hit me up and said “hey man, would you ever do coaching with me?” and it was game over.

I became a coach and discovered that no matter how much I PERSONALLY love game. My truest calling has always been to share what I’ve learned and to change the lives of other men who struggled as much as I did. Men struggling just like you.

Evolution Daily is my life’s work. 10 Years in the making. Countless hours of filming hidden cam demos, editing them, countless days and nights in the field.

I created Evolution Daily so that you don’t have to spend years and years of your life confused. You can get good fast by learning from my successes and more importantly, my failures.