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"He goes above and beyond for his students."

"Totally life changing and eye opening experience for me."

"Being able to see Aaron in field and actually being successful was insanely beneficial!"

"Aaron does a great job of pushing you to that next level and bringing that inner badass out of you"

"It was fucking epic! Take the bootcamp!"

"I grew so much from this experience."

"He taught me how to have fun, even with the blowouts. I definitely recommend this bootcamp."

"I was making out with the hottest chick in the club!"

"This bootcamp was life changing. It's untouchable."

"I've taken bootcamps before but this just SMOKED them! Aaron cares about his students."

"I was able to do a lot of group sets that I normally wouldn't have been comfortable with."

"We did a lot of sets together. This guy's the real deal."

"This shit has fully changed my life!"

"His coaching has evolved so much from last year! I would definitely recommend Aaron, he's a real one and he knows his shit."

"I noticed a huge difference from when I got here till now. They helped me get over that approach anxiety."

Saturday I had the chance to take a daygame bootcamp in New York . It was so value packed . I’ve gotten coaching from one of the best dudes in NY before, my buddy Tim for those who know him. Unfortunately I hit a bad road block the past few months due to my own mindset .but I’ve been rebounding well, and hanging out with Aaron really helped for the daygame .

My body language and leading was on point for he most part already but he still dropped some new knowledge on openers and a good way to vibe during the day since we did a whole bunch of group sets together . Had two insta dates and a pull was possible on both but I botched one because I didn’t seed well and the other was supposed to be later in the day but the girl had a family visit . He really gave me a huge confidence boost that I had lost during the day time but I was back on it again. He’s like an amazing friend , wingman , and teacher all at once .

He followed each one of my interactions and reinforced all the good and critiqued the bad . He’s also great at taking indirect initial interactions and sexualising them and getting the girl on . I’m surrounded by guys who don’t take action in my hometown of Long Island but I basically witnessed again that you can make a lot of shit happen even alone. Especially in a spot like WSP where same day lays are definitely possible. His cameraman was dope af too (add me one FB man, I forgot to ask you lol ). Overall this was a great experience . We even shot infield together . He will be a great coach.

Hi Aaron I’m writing this up as I sit in the airport lounge waiting to catch my flight back to El Paso. I just want to say first of all, Thank you for the relentless enthusiasm, sincerity and honesty you show in your Bootcamp.

This 2 day program was extremely beneficial to me because not only did you round out my game with some finer technical points, but you helped mitigate my approach anxiety by doing it alongside me, providing feedback to my approaches and forcing me to go and make a significant number of them. Every minute of the 12+ hours you spent alongside us sharing your tips and just demonstrating what’s possible was worth the price of admission alone.

I would heartily recommendation everyone to take this program at least once in their life. I promise you will come out on the other side as an improved version of yourself.

Thanks Aaron!

I have been doing game by watching videos on youtube from like past one year . It was great experience in the beginning but slowly my game got stagnent and went nowhere . This is when i realized most of the advice you get on youtube is targeted for everyone and not tailored individually for you. To be honest man.. in my view ,watching too many videos on Internet will give you more sticking points than helping you.

Long story short, i recently moved to Columbus and decided to use this opportunity and take bootcamp from aaron because i like his grocery store game videos and that is kind of game that suits my lifestyle.

Honestly, it made day and night difference in my approach to game. Especially how to project inner confidence when in a set and on things like you don’t have to be fucking alpha (this is most controversial topic i have ever seen in PUA community atleast for me..) all the time. One other imp thing i learned is about ‘NEEDINESS’. Man .. neediness is something which can be creepy when you project it wrong. It is all SUBCOMMUNICATION again is something i learned from Aaron.
Overall, am very satisfied with the value i got from the amount of money i paid. He is very attentive and empathetic and gives his 100 percent for 4 hours he is with you.
I recommend it to everyone who is struggling with game especially in the beginning years.



A Coach Who Cares

Look man, I’m gonna be 100% honest with you and leave all the bullshit marketing at the door.

You’ve stumbled upon my life’s work. My fuckin’ reason for being. I was put on this planet to help men to achieve great things. End of story.

I know what you want. You want hot girls. You’re looking for motivation, you want systems, you want to be pushed, you want to show up to a friends party with your new hot ass girlfriend and have everyone thinking, “damn how the fuck did Josh manage that one?” You don’t want to chase fat girls on Tinder anymore. You want to find hot girls down to do the shit you only see on PornHub.

Trust me bro, I KNOW! I was 22 and fat as shit in that first pic. Super down about my life, I didn’t feel like a man, I couldn’t get girls. I had no direction and I was honestly just a complete loser. 

Then I discovered THE GAME. I dedicated my LIFE to the art of learning how to socialize with women. This lead me to losing weight, starting my coaching company, banging tons of hot girls, having girlfriends, making new friends, traveling the world and ultimately just finding happiness.

I’m so passionate about my coaching because I’ve seen time and time again what it can do for men. Watch a couple of my client testimonials and then fill out the short application below.